Fuentes: Foro del Estado del Mundo, Partners and Financial Supportes; Noticias Globales 242, 275, 283.

Por Juan C. Sanahuja

Las siguientes personas e instituciones han participado, con recursos humanos y económicos, en los últimos tres años, en las actividades del Foro del Estado del Mundo para crear e implementar el programa, 21st Century Learning Initiative.

The Abraham Fund; Akwekon Studios, Ltd.; Alliance on Religion and Conservation; American Printing & Copy; BBC World Television; Belfast City Council; Beringer Vineyards; Booz Allen & Hamilton; Cable News Network (CNN); Calistoga Water Company; Capital Missions Company; Carnegie Corporation; Caymus Vineyards; Center for Leadership Renewal; Chalone Wine Foundation; Chemical Impact Project; Children's Defense Fund; City College of San Francisco, Political Science Department; Club of Budapest; Commonwealth Club of California; Commonwealth Sustainable Development Projects; Compton Foundation; Comspan Communications; Corison Winery; The Council for Global Education; Covey Leadership Center; Departures Unlimited; Drug Strategies; Al Dugan; Earth Communication Office; The Earth Council; The Economist Newspaper; Fairmont Hotel; Steve and Stephanie Farrell; Fetzer Institute; Finck Sorensen & Co.; Joseph Firmage; Flora Springs; Focus Media; Forward Studies Unit, European Commission; Foundation for Global Community; Fourth Freedom Forum; Free the Children; Fritz Design; Generative Leadership Group; Global Legislators for Balanced Environment (GLOBE); Gombe Stream Research Center; Gorbachev Foundation/Moscú; Grameen Bank; Grgich Winery; Richard Gunther; Habitat for Humanity; Havard Global Peace Project; Hewlett-Packard Company; Higher Ground for Humanity; Human Development Center, Pakistán; Swanee Hunt; Huntington Hotel; Illinois Mathematics and Science Institute; The Industrial Society, Reino Unido; Institute for Liberty and Democracy; Institute of Noetic Sciences; Intend Change; Interactive Agency; International Center for Economic Growth (ICEG); International Child Resource Institute; International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture; International Diplomacy Council; International Forum on Globalization; International Science Organization; International Youth Foundation; The Jane Goodall Institute, Jennifer Altman Foundation; John Merck Fund; Joliesse Vineyards; Jordan Winery; The Joseph and Marjorie Steiner Foundation; Judd's Hill; Kaiser Permanente International; KCBS All News; King Hussein Foundation; Robert Klein; Leonard Kurz; Lawyers Alliance for World Security; Sergio and Gaye Lub; MacArthur Foundation; Maxwell Hotel; Louis M. Martini; Meadowood Napa Valley; Middle Powers Initiative; James and Joanna Moore The Natural Step; Northern Ireland Events; Olmstead Productions; Hisako Ono Oracle; Oscar Arias Peace Foundation; Pastel Corporation; Pat and Bernice Patterson; Joseph Phelps; Ploughshares Fund; Presidio National Park; Progressio Foundation; Project Planning International; Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel; Ringing Rocks Foundation; Robert Mondavi Co.; Rockefeller Brothers Fund; Rockefeller Family Services; Rockefeller Foundation; Rocky Mountain Institute; Roderick MacArthur Foundation; Andrew Rogers; Roots of Peace; Cámara de Comercio de San Francisco; San Francisco State University, International Relations Department; Jared Schutz; Friedemann-Eckart Schwarzkopf; Scott's Software Solutions; Search for Common Ground; Seavey Vineyard; Shaler Adams Foundation; Sisterhood is Global Institute; Alan Slifka; Solaria Corporation; Sound on Stage; South-North Development Initiative; Estado de Guanajuato, México; Sterling Vineyards; Surdna Foundation; Union of Concerned Scientists; United Nations; Unites Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); Universidad de California, Berkeley; Winslow & Associates; World Affairs Council of Northern California; World Space International Network; World Space International Network, Inc.; World Wildlife Fund; Worldlink Foundation; Worldwide Indigenous Science Network; Yahoo! Inc.; Young Presidents Organization; Zimmer Family Foundation. FIN 8-1-00.